The Pulse of New York

Every Tuesday, YES Blog takes the pulse of New York on the hottest
topics being talked about right now in the world of sports. What’s your
take on the below issues?

What do you think of the Yankees throwing pies in the faces of walkoff heroes?(polling)

Will Joe Girardi be replaced if the Yankees fail to make the playoffs?(opinion)

Which former Yankee were you most excited to see at Old Timers’ Day?(polling)

Is Mike Mussina a Hall of Famer?(surveys)

If you were guaranteed a trip to the Super Bowl, would you want Michael Vick on your team?(survey)

T.J. Houshmandzadeh will boycott the new Madden game because he thinks his rating (91) is too low. Your thoughts?(poll)

1 Comment

Thank you very much for allowing me to comment.
My reason for writing is to not give a comment but a suggestion.
I watch and love the Yankees and have for years. I’m a Jersey man and have always considered the Yankees the best.
I remember The “Scooter”, saying “Holy Cow”, when something good or crazy happened. Currently, Mr. Kay saying, See Ya”, has kind of replaced the “Holy Cow” signature.
We need to make an adjustment when Mr. Singleton is at the helm and leading the broadcasts.
Mr. Singleton always says “Look out”, when a pitch is close or there is a close call. If he would say this phrase when a home run is hit by the Yankees and say it emphatically this would be good! And good for TV ratings.
Not trying to steal Mr. Kays thunder, but still keeping the YES fans indulged in Yankee mania.
I’m in college and will receive my bachelor degree in Human Resources. I figure this would be a great resource for the human Yankee fans.
Mr. Ishmael Bull

P.S Please if possible give a shout out to Berkeley College in West Paterson, NJ at the Garret Mountain Campus.
Thanx a lot for the broadcasts!

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