Field of Themes

tex.jpgBy Jon Lane
Here’s something cool to check out during your down time. compiles a “Field of Themes” feature that examines entrance themes that would fit certain players in Major League Baseball.

The first time I heard a player step into the batter’s box like he was walking into the squared circle (minus the pyrotechnics and theatrics of course, but I’d like to see someone do that just once) was Jason Giambi coming to bat to the old nWo (New World Order) Wolfpac theme. It’s taken off since then. Johnny Damon bats to Batista’s “I Walk Alone” and last year someone suggested that Cubs closer Kerry Wood use the theme music of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon — “No Chance in Hell” — when entering games.

The Yankees have adopted somewhat of a WWE persona this season. Every team-selected Player of the Game receives a replica WWE Championship belt and each walk-off hero gets a pie in the face from A.J. Burnett. Having fun playing a kid’s game never hurts.

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