The Pulse of New York

Every Tuesday, YES Blog takes the pulse of New York on the hottest
topics being talked about right now in the world of sports. What’s your
take on the below issues?

How many times will the Yankees beat the Red Sox this season?(opinion)

Who do you support in the Brian Bruney/Francisco Rodriguez incident?(polling)

Should Brad Penny be suspended for hitting Alex Rodriguez?(answers)

How many games will the Yankees win in their upcoming series against the Nationals?(trends)

Which YES Network talent blog is your favorite?(online surveys)

If Chien-Ming Wang has a poor outing tomorrow should he remain in the rotation?(poll)

There has been much speculation about Johan Santana’s poor outing against the Yankees. How do you explain it?(survey software)

Will Plaxico Burress play this upcoming NFL season?(surveys)

1 Comment

If Brad Penny is suspended – then I think the league needs to take a look at how many times Youk has been hit by Yankee pitchers. Is that all “by accident”? It’s a slippery slope that Giardi is going down; is he really sure that is the best direction for the team?


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