First game impressions

By: Joe Auriemma

It’s the middle of the fifth inning in the first game here at the new Yankee Stadium and I already have some first impressions of the game play at the ball park.

It’s only fitting that Derek Jeter got the first Yankees hit to start things off in the bottom of the first inning.

Robinson Cano, who hit the first home run in the new stadium in the bottom of the second, crushed that ball into the right field bleachers. The bleachers are more set back than in the other stadium, so to hit that ball halfway up in the stands is a big time shot. I told my colleague Chris Shearn that I thought, even thought the ball was a line drive, that it was hanging up in the air more than I remember from the other park.

When Hideki Matsui and Cody Ransom hit their home runs, I felt the same way. The ball is carrying and hanging in the air tonight. I remember that the other stadium it would only really do that when the weather got hot out.

I spoke with YES Network commentator John Flaherty who also made that same observation.

I’m not going to put too much stock into the ball carrying right now until I get more of a sample throughout the season. However, if this trend does continue, this could become a very good hitters park.

Now in the top of the sixth, Mariano Rivera has come into the ballgame for his first ever appearance in the new park. Rivera, who came into his signature song Enter Sandman by Metallica, got a very big ovation from the crowd and with every pitch, flash bulbs continue to light up the stadium.


  1. yankeexx

    Matsui is also the first one to put a nick in the yellow paint of the foul pole. Hope they keep up their momentum and go 160-2 or within that ballpark. (:


    The new Yankee Stadium is breath taking, majestic, inspiring, it’s show to what heights man can reach, but if your used to watching major league games on television, it’s a horror, every ground ball, line drive, or pop up, all you see is that horrid back stop NET, it comes into focus like a nightmare, by the time you pick up the ball through the net, the play is done.
    If I could cancel my YES Network subscription on cable I would, unfortunately this eye candy of a stadium, on television leaves you with cavities ,because of the NET, A World Series video would look real bad, it’s a diservice to the fans of such a great organization
    Ed “The Gordons Fisherman”

  3. 22nana

    The stadium looks great, but of course you cannot really get a true picture unless you are there. One thing that I do not like is the backstop NET. It is annoying to look through that. I liked the way the picture looked in the old stadium. Can’t something be done about that NET? It is really distracting.

  4. pastta

    I think the ventilation in the womens room leaves alot to be desired. It smelled really bad in there. It was too narrow, and the PA sytem in there was too low. Although it was very windy on Saturday, the stadium had too much trash being picked up and littering the field. We had popcorn, napkins, and peanut shells showering down on us the whole game. We also witnessed a vendor losing his entire tray of cracker jacks down to the lower level. Over all, the new stadium is very nice, but I think the “archway” windows on the outer side of the stadium should be closed off to prevent the wind tunnel in the inside.

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