Can Terrell Owens play third base?

owens_250_030509.jpgBy Glenn Giangrande
Obviously I’m just kidding, but seriously
– what’s going on in the sports world? I’m getting ready for sleep
yesterday and T.O. gets released. I wake up this morning and A-Rod’s
out until mid-May. What’s next, someone signing Barry Bonds while I’m
out getting my car’s oil changed?
Given all the work that the
Yankees have done this winter, I would advise fans not to panic. There
is no doubt that the loss of A-Rod’s bat creates a void in the lineup,
as it’s impossible to replace the kind of production he’s capable of
delivering. So much for the idea of trading Hideki Matsui that I suggested a couple of days ago!

Yankees now need all the production they can get. Here’s an early
lineup projection based on nothing more than speculation and my
personal whims:
Damon   LF     (L)
Jeter      SS    (R)
Matsui   DH    (L)
Teixeira  1B    (S)
Posada   C     (S)
Cano     2B     (L)
Nady     RF    (R)
???       3B     (?)
Gardner CF    (L)
not too bad of a lineup, although some people are sounding warning
alarms over Teixeira’s early season struggles (.256 career batting
average in March & April). However, for all their firepower, the
Yankees are a team that should go as far as its pitching can
take it. Unlike last season, the rotation is filled with arms that can
pick up slack if the club suffers an offensive letdown early in the

I don’t want to hear about CC Sabathia’s
pressure-induced struggles last April, in what was a contract year,
because that was an isolated incident. He’s got his deal and I think
he’ll be happy. Then you have A.J. Burnett, who I actually think will
thrive in a situation like this, knowing he needs to step up.
Back-to-back 19 win seasons in healthy times have bought Chien-Ming
Wang plenty of cred. Joba Chamberlain will have lots of mismatches on
the mound as the Yankees’ No. 5 starter.

What team wouldn’t want Andy Pettitte as the fourth guy in its rotation?
not expecting the Yanks to make a major acquisition to plug in at
third. Everyone is going to have to do a little more early in the
season, and I think the brunt of things will fall upon the shoulders of
the rotation. 


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