A reprieve – or out for four months?

arod3_250_030509.jpgBy Jon Lane and Joe Auriemma
Yet another A-Rod bait and switch, this time possibly for the better.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told reporters in Tampa., Fla., that Alex Rodriguez has a torn hip labrum and cyst, which was drained. Hoping to avoid surgery, the Yankees’ plan is to try rest and rehab with the hope that he’ll continue to play. One thing is for certain, A-Rod is out of the World Baseball Classic.

Rodriguez is not out of the woods yet. Surgery remains an option, which can keep him out for up to four months according to WFAN’s Sweeny Murti. However, Peter Abraham added that Cashman said A-Rod will need the surgery at some point. The hope is he can get through the season and then have the procedure.

It’s going to be a tense few days in Yankees camp, this time strictly for baseball reasons. Despite the revamping of the starting rotation and the addition of Mark Teixeira, the Yankees aren’t whole without Alex Rodriguez. Period.

Auriemma: Final decision can affect ’09 season
According to ESPN 1050, Yankees VP & GM Brian Cashman has stated that Alex Rodriguez will not require surgery and will try to rehab a torn labrum in his hip. This is good news if they can get him to come back earlier than 10 weeks. There have been rumors that Cody Ransom/Angel Berroa were going to have to hold down the hot corner, but ESPN’s Peter Gammons said that Bobby Crosby and Mark Grudzielanek also could have been options.

My concern is will rehab take care of the problem? Is A-Rod going to try and rehab it and then down the line, they find out that all along he needed surgery anyway, making this a mid-July return instead of a mid-May return. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know, but I’m sure the Yankees and their team of specialists have good reason to believe that this is the best avenue.

This news is definitely better than what was initially reported. Whenever the word surgery is uttered most people think the worst. The Yankees just have to trust the opinion that this is the best route to take and that this won’t be an issue even after rehab throughout the whole season.

A-Rod might mean more to the run production of this lineup than what any other player means to their team. I do think good pitching can keep the Yankees in it, but eventually they need A-Rod’s bat back in the middle of the order. This is a very important decision for the Yankees and what might become of the 2009 season.

This is like the 2000 Presidential election all over again. In a race to break the story, everyone on the planet reported the surgery story, including myself. Another example of why listening to A-Rod’s brother as a source is never the right decision.

Alright, it’s not exactly like the 2000 Presidential election.


  1. tempny

    This is a real concern right now. I said it in my blog:

    My concern is will rehab take care of the problem? Is A-Rod going to try and rehab it and then down the line, they find out that all along he needed surgery anyway, making this a mid-July return instead of a mid-May return.

    Again the Yankees have great specialists that can assess the situation, but if this does turn out that he does need surgery and he is out 4 months, this is a huge problem. At that point mid-July is a nothing more than a dream for him to come back by. It’s going to get very interesting on how this gets handled.

  2. bronx_mojo

    This whole hip issue stinks!! He talks to baseball and all of a sudden he has a hip issue! Like I said before, The New York Yankees are the face of baseball around the world. Baseball inadditon to the Yanks front brass can not have A-rod open there new meca with a tainted shot that would be heard around the world!! They are putting him on the self just long enough to set the history in the books, than BANG A-ROD WILL BE CURED!!!! My question is What if a Japanese native hits it? Godzilla can change the way the world looks at the Yanks. Its will no longer be your Apple pie good old American past time team. Its going to be the the team that fits right in with the new looking America, a diversed changed American team. From Apple pie and a cup of coffee to a low fat muffin and a carmel macciado

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