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The Pulse of New York

Ex-Yankees watch Sanchez make history

By Glenn Giangrande


When Jonathan Sanchez no-hit the Padres on Friday, a couple of former Yankees were smiling along with him.

Well, at least one was. I’m not so sure about Randy Johnson.

The Big Unit’s tenure in pinstripes is not remembered too fondly despite 34 wins over two years. I’d actually guess that Johnson frowns at the mere mention of New York, but you have to think he had at least a laugh or two while watching Sanchez celebrate. The 26-year-old left-hander threw the Giants’ first no-hitter since 1976 while making a spot start in place of the future Hall-of-Fame lefty. When Johnson was forced onto the disabled list with a strained left shoulder on July 8, Sanchez was the one who got the call to work in his place.

Dave Righetti made sure he was ready.

In his 10th season as the Giants’ pitching coach, Righetti has made a name for himself as one of the top tutors in baseball. A couple more years and people will know him as much for his work in San Francisco as they do for his unforgettable no-hitter as a Yankee on July 4, 1983, when he made the Red Sox a footnote to history. Sanchez had been dropped from the Giants’ starting rotation in late June, and Righetti went to work with him. The adjustments bore fruit. Only an eighth-inning error by Juan Uribe prevented Sanchez from achieving total perfection, though we can’t assume Sanchez would have stayed perfect even if Uribe did indeed make that play.

Still, Sanchez gave the fans at AT&T Park a night to remember with help from a couple of ex-Yankees. One accidentally opened the door, the other showed him the path, and the youngster walked into history.

Halladay: A Natural Fit for Pinstripes

By Glenn Giangrande
Would the Blue Jays ever consider trading Roy Halladay to the Yankees?

Probably not.

Should the Yanks inquire and see what it would take?


Fans of the Yanks often get criticized by others for wanting to play “fantasy baseball” – just bring in as many stars as possible! However, if recent comments made by Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi are to be believed, the right-handed ace could be in play.

“We have to see what’s out there,” Ricciardi said. “I’m not saying we’re going to shop him. But if something makes sense, we at least have to listen. We’re (leaning) more toward listening than we’ve ever been.”

While trading Halladay would send a tough message to Blue Jays fans, it appears to be the right move. Toronto’s pitching staff is chock full of youngsters, and the Jays are playing in a division filled with teams built to win now. Halladay’s big-money contract runs through next season, and he does have a full no-trade clause. Of course, clauses can be waived, money talks…you get the idea.

Prior to last season, the Yankees chose to hold onto a number of young chips while Johan Santana was on the trade market. With Andy Pettitte close to the end of his career, Chien-Ming Wang seemingly out for a long period of time, and Joba Chamberlain regressing in the rotation, Halladay is the kind of pitcher worth emptying the tank to acquire. Every youngster except Phil Hughes should be in play – he’s too valuable to this year’s cause in the bullpen.

Austin Jackson? Sure. Lastings Milledge was once a can’t-miss outfield prospect, remember?

Manuel Banuelos, the 18-year-old strikeout artist turning heads in Charleston? No problem. The Yankees are in the business of winning now. If a player isn’t on the Major League roster and is eligible to be traded, he’s expendable.

It’s not likely that Ricciardi would move Halladay to a divisional rival, and if this situation does indeed develop, a number of teams will put together packages for the ace that may trump what the Yankees could offer.

Still, he’d look so good pitching alongside CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett down the stretch that a phone call must be placed.

Live David Cone chat

David Cone took your questions during Wednesday’s Yankees-Red Sox game. Does the former pitcher consider himself a Hall of Famer? What’s the deal with him wearing a mini-skirt? Is Michael Kay’s head really that big? Get the answers from David Cone in the below chat transcript. Also, get Bob Lorenz’s take on the chat.

<a href=”http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php?option=com_mobile&task=viewaltcast&altcast_code=539749ba94″ >David Cone live chat</a>

Twins-Yankees starting lineups


Denard Span CF
Brendan Harris 2B
Joe Mauer DH
Justin Morneau 1B
Jason Kubel LF
Michael Cuddyer RF
Brian Buscher 3B
Mike Redmond C
Nick Punto SS

Nick Blackburn P


Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Nick Swisher 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera RF
Brett Gardner CF
Francisco Cervelli C

Joba Chamberlain P