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David Cone took your questions during Wednesday’s Yankees-Red Sox game. Does the former pitcher consider himself a Hall of Famer? What’s the deal with him wearing a mini-skirt? Is Michael Kay’s head really that big? Get the answers from David Cone in the below chat transcript. Also, get Bob Lorenz’s take on the chat.

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    have you ever had an upset stomach during a start and caused to go into the restrooms and had to be pulled because of it?


    Sleeping guy behind home plate? Did anyone else notice him in the 1st?

    Anyways, David, you would assume after Wakefiled’s been throwing a blazing knuckleball for the past 9 years, hitters would be ready to sit and just drive balls deep to all corners of the outfied, but he manages to still “fool” batters, what gives?


    david, what do you think of chien ming wang’s latest struggles? Is it mechanical or is it the afteraffect of the injury?


    Please just put Phil Hughes in the game and let him prove what he can do! He came in for an inning the other night and was lights out! Wang’s candle is just a stub! Let’s get the young stud in!!!


    Hi David,
    Can you please tell us why Nick Swisher looks up before every swing. He seems to be looking at the sky?

    It seems to be something special for him?



    Hey David! I am a big fan! Do you think I could get an autograph for my father who loved you when he was my age? Thanks


    Here is what are the important things to look for in tonight’s start versus the Sox.

    -How does Wang do in the first few innings while his pitch count is still low. He is still coming back from the bullpen and was good for a few innings last start.
    -What is the speed on Wang’s sinker. If it is back to 94/95, he should be in good shape.
    -Does Wang’s sinker have that late left to right break that sneaks over the outside corner against a righty and back over the inside corner against a lefty.

    from my blog,


    Hi David!

    What is going on with Wong? Is there an underlying injury, or is it psychological? And when do the Yankees say “uncle”?



    How do you think Girardi can piece together the bullpen until marte and bruney come back?


    hey david i just want you to know i was really put off at a yankee game the other day my father and i spent our hard earned money on $1200 seats to a yankee game. We were in the legends lounge and were alerted you were signing autogrpahs we left lunch early to go get one. Much to our dismay when we arrived down to your floor, the lady turned us away even though there were only three people there at the time. I was very upset as i coveted your autograph and I felt i was wronged Thank you, Frank


    Coney, Coney,Coney You are the man! Love your commentaries and insight. Can you limit Michael Kay’s comments. He loves to hear himself, always negative and we can’t take it.
    I want your opinion of Wang’s ability in
    your positive way!!


    David – do the players truly understand how much these games against Boston and the Mets mean to the fans? I realize they are just a part of the 162 game season, but the manager and players don’t seem to take them as seriously as the fans do. This for bragging rites to us


    Mr.Cone, do you think Wang’s struggles are because he starts the game ‘too strong’? Wouldn’t his sinker be crisper and his command sharper if he was 91-93 rather than 95?
    Rich McGinnis


    Dear David,
    Do you think that the Yankees continued issues with the Red Sox can be attributed to lack of preparation, a decline in the rivalry or is it just pure coincidence? Why can the Yankees play well against teams who are equally as strong as the Sox, but yet the boys from Boston always seem to have their number in the meetings?


    Hi David, do you think the yanks need to win a few games against the red soxs you know for like a confidence builder or do you think they can lose majority of the games and be OK?


    I would like to know why in the world the yankees, a team that is supposably in first place right now, is losing horribly to the boston red soxs. Come on! Of all teams they are losing to them. Come on guys. I’m a girl and I can probably do better than that. There was no reason for the top of the third inning to have gone as quickly as it did. It was like one, two, three out! What’s up with that???!!?


    dear david,
    can u explain to me the story of why the yankees dont have names on the back of their jerseys? i am a HUGE fan of the yankees and i know so much about my team but i dont know the story behind the numbers.


    “Hey Cone!!, why dont you have a dance?”

    Seems your Yankees and these commercials were very light and both played well. For me personally , I gained a greater appreciation for you in that role as a real person. I admire your colorful commentary and eagerly wait for you, Kenny, Flash and Paulie to announce. My question is: How important is “atmosphere” over talent in making it a successful season?


    Hey David, Have you noticed than Wang seems to have changed his arm angel, which is causing his pitches to drift across the plate rather than drop? Can you get him some old tapes to look at and maybe he can work this out!


    Why do you think it is so hard for this pitching staff right now? Is Joe not doing something right or is the starting pitchers besides Pettite having a bad year.


    i don’t think jorge posada has been calling good games, the picthers have good stuff but if you throw a major league player the same picther over and over, they will do damage. Also the yankee bats are asleep against boston its crazy.


    Hey Dave,
    hope ya doin good…do you believe in the curse of “anything” between the Yankees/Sox? I mean these 6 games including this one tonight just seems like its alive and well! we have all the talent a great team should have now, but 6 games? and a shut out? It seems like we are always giving the Sox a new record to break ever since 2004! Its excruciating Dave!
    Curse or just nerves on the Yankees part?


    Hello David, What advice would you give to young, pre-high school aged pithcers about throwing too many pithces, especially curve balls before they are fully developed? I know that it can be easy for kids to really overdo it and wind up with injuries.


    Hello Dave,
    I’m trying to stay in Gerrardi’s corner but it gets harder and harder. Why in the world does he trot Swisher out there night after night. I fully appreciate his early season exploits and his supposed club house presence. But he hasn’t hit in 2 months makes Posada look good as a base runner and is average at best in the outfield. With Gardner in center Melky in right the defense improves tremendously. Gardener adds a new speed and a put the ball in play aspect that the yankees lack.
    Joe’s end game coaching despite all the comebacks is horrible. The players are performing but I feel the coaching is holding the team back.


    Hey david do u think if phil does good this game the yankees should put him in the rotation and put wang in the bullpen

  26. jpfalcons

    Mr. Cone, i was wondering if i could take this great opportunity and ask you as a true fan if you do through the mail autographs? I love the great years you had with the dynasty yankees in the 90’s, iam 16 and have been idolizing you for years in pitching.


    hey david do you ever think of about the dynasty days and wish you could relive some of them and some of the players ?


    Hey David, Who will be the next Yankee Closer? do we have someone to take the job, or are we going to need to hire a big gun?


    Hello David,

    If you get a chance to see Joe Girardi, could you ask him for me to remove Cano from the 5th hole, since he NEVER gets a big hit early in the game. All his big hits seem to come when the Yanks are winning or other no pressure situations.


    Those Yanks look scared of the Red Sox. They are lifeless/fightless/scared when they play the Red Sox. And I’m a die hard Yankee fan.


    How about last night, did’nt they looked like deer in headlights. 2 hits is sad for a team such as the Yanks.


    I really think the Yankees need Pinella. He would bring the fire the Yankees so desperately need. Also he is a “Yankee”, I think all the players would respect/listen to him too.

  33. rekibaby_4_gehrig

    Hi Coney
    COuld you please pass a message onto Joe G right now? Please ask him to tell the Yanks to stop swinging at the first pitch. We can still win this game but they need to be a little more patient. Thanks


    The Yankees need to get into a brawl. All the Yankee teams that won it all in the late 90s all got into a 1 or 2 brawls those years. That’ll make them come together and give them a edge they desperately need.



    Why are the Yankees so optimistic about Bruney coming back, I understand that with the below average bullpen, Bruny will like Jesus in disguise. However, a year ago Bruny was really back. What’s about him this season? The Yankees’ pitchers will graduate after they can figure out the Redsox’s hitters.

  36. ron smith

    Mr Cone
    Do you think joe would still be there now after looseing 8 steight to Boston and also the Yankees are hitting .036 when hitting the first pitch.not swining or fouling off the but the average on out to hits.
    Ron from Syracuse

  37. ninetyeight2001


    If money is an issue, why not sign Pedro and Dye? You can get them both for little or nothing and still get bang for your buck!

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