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Adventures in Mannyland

manny_250_050809.jpgBy Jon Lane
Today on YESNetwork.com, reaction to the suspension of Manny Ramirez:

“Manny being Manny” reached a whole new level, writes Chris Shearn.

The latest Manny saga is disgusting and abhorrent to baseball, writes Steven Goldman.

Alex Rodriguez should be thankful for Manny’s logic-defying explanation, writes Kimberly Jones.

My hope, and I’m still holding out hope, is that players are finally scared straight into not doing anything so stupid.

Sadly, there was neither shock, nor awe, only sadness and indifference. Because Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez will now be judged against their recent (or distant) past, this will not go away and people will continue to bring this up.

I won’t be one of them.

A-Rod returns tonight and that’s great, because he’s going to give the Yankees a big boost. Tabloid reporters have had a feast with tales of his tomfoolery, narcissism, steroid use admission and Selena Roberts’ new book. Like him or not, the truth is he has 553 career home runs, a career .306 average, owns three MVP awards and is the Yankees’ record holder for most homers by a right-handed hitter (54).  He will provide Mark Teixeira protection and the lineup is another step closer to becoming a circular threat. Teixeira needs Rodriguez behind him, anything to get him going, because right now, he’s batting .198 and he stinks.

Tonight in Baltimore will be a circus with inquiring minds asking all questions A-Rod, but here’s hoping that like yesterday, Manny’s idiocy will keep the focus to baseball. Rodriguez is peculiar, but he’s one of the best to play the game and his entire body of work cannot be judged on the three seasons spent in Texas in which he admitted steroid use. Starting tonight, it’s A-Rod’s chance to be a true impact player before judges and juries: the fans.

Thanks to Manny Ramirez, baseball fans have a new punching bag. That alone is a good start.