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A cybertour around the A.L.

by Glenn Giangrande

I’m the kind of guy who likes to be plugged in. A few days ago, while I was sitting through the five-and-a-half hour rain delay that turned the Yankees’ 1:05 game versus Washington into about a 6:30 game, I finally gave in and joined Twitter. It was partially out of boredom and because Facebook happens to be blocked at the YES Studios. I have to say that I enjoy it, and the best part has to be being able to track celebrities or sports stars. Paul Pierce and Shaq were in the first wave of people and websites I agreed to follow, along with the official page of the Jets and the phenomenal blog about my Islanders, “Point Blank,” among others. You can find me at http://twitter.com/glenngiangrande. The page is a work in progress though. Shout out to my first follower who’s a fellow blogger, @yankeemeginphl!

The thing we need to worry about on sites like Twitter and Facebook are the imposters, but it’s great to be able to get post-game reactions from players such as Nick Swisher, for example. So in honor of the social networking boon, I thought I’d summarize the season thus far for the American League teams along with some of their problems when applicable, Facebook status update style. Now since Twitter users can link their Facebook status updates to be on both pages, the status updates are limited to no more than 140 characters. Here’s what the members of the Junior Circuit might say if they had pages…

AL East

* The New York Yankees are glad to be where we are given the injuries we’ve dealt with. Could use a bullpen arm and maybe an outfield upgrade.

* The Boston Red Sox are lovin’ life atop the division, but we’re cursing the WBC for ruining Dice-K! Although, Smoltzie could fix that issue.

* The Tampa Bay Rays are really hoping that last season wasn’t a fluke. Yes, Zobrist is this good! We’ll be a-o-k once Price gets on track.

* The Toronto Blue Jays are wondering who has the voodoo doll. How many more pitchers do we need to lose? Eh, we’re still not moving Halladay.

* The Baltimore Orioles hate being in the basement. Time to listen to offers on everyone age 30 and up! How many Wieters shirts can we print?

AL Central

* The Detroit Tigers
are back! 2008 was an aberration. We’ll cruise if Magglio gets himself right. Verlander emerging as a Cy Young candidate?

* The Minnesota Twins are wondering what the heck happened to our bullpen! Can we get  some consistency from Liriano? We all heart Joe Mauer.

* The Chicago White Sox knew Alexei Ramirez would catch fire. Beckham may need more seasoning. We can make a run if Contreras steps it up!

* The Kansas City Royals are down. So much for that great start. Glad we locked up Greinke, now Gordon needs to make strides when healthy.

* The Cleveland Indians are wondering where it went wrong. Hopefully Grady avoids further damage. We could get some assets for C-Lee in trade.

AL West

* The Texas Rangers could really use a veteran in the rotation, though Nolan’s philosophy is paying dividends! Hope Josh gets well asap.

* The Los Angeles Angels have gotten solid production out of Morales after not choosing to spend big in the winter. 2nd half runaway out West?

* The Seattle Mariners are wondering if the Bedard trade was worth it, but the Putz deal has worked! Not sure if we’re contenders though.

* The Oakland A’s would have no problems letting Matt Holliday walk and taking some draft picks, but let’s see what the highest bidder has!