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Party crasher

By Jon Lane
Funny post from Peter Abraham:

“Sitting in my car, not moving on the Deegan in a thunderstorm. It’s pouring.”

About 20 minutes ago I spoke with my YES colleague Kevin Sullivan, already at Yankee Stadium. The initial prognosis isn’t good at all. I understand that the game is a sellout, but it’s also an exhibition game. The Yankees play again tomorrow, work out on Sunday and then head to Baltimore to begin playing for real on Monday. Is there a reason why to put anyone at risk to injury?

This game may be canceled all together. A doubleheader tomorrow would be silly and there’s no way either team is playing on Sunday. so unless Mother Nature decides to provide a little slack, the new Stadium’s dry run will have to wait a few more hours.

Our YESNetwork.com film crew is there to shoot more of the Stadium’s exciting features. Whether I make it out there later is another story. My objective was to work the crowd and document fan reaction and interaction. That’s not too much fun when you’re being pounded by the tag team of rain and wind.

Tonight’s game is scheduled to air on YES at 7 p.m. One thing is for certain, you can check out a one-hour pregame show at six for a ton of interviews and features spotlighting the new palace on 161st Street and River Avenue. We’ll also keep you posted as to the status of the game. Worst case, YES will air Yankees vs. Cubs tomorrow at 1 p.m. The forecast is not calling for rain until later in the day.