Statement from George M. Steinbrenner

“The Yankees’ enormous will to win, tremendous professionalism and great team spirit, backed by the best, most vocal and supportive fans have propelled us into the World Series. We’re looking forward to our 27th ring.”



    I would like to commend the Steinbrenner Family for their desire every year to win the World Series. It is an extreme honor to be a Yankees fan for almost 40 years. The N.Y. Yankees have given all of us Yankees fans everywhere thrills to last a lifetime. I look forward to seeing George in New York & would love to see the Yankees bring home # 27 for the Principal owner. God Bless Mr. Steinbrenner & Good Luck to the Bronx Bombers.


    Its will be nice to see Mr. Steinbrenner, but it will be even better if he throws the first pitch, YANKEES ALL THE WAY>>>

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