ALCS roster projections

By Jon Lane
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My projected Yankees ALCS roster. The only change I’d make is Brian Bruney for Damaso Marte. Having Francisco Cervelli as a third catcher worked out better than anyone imaged in Game 2, so he stays. Chad Gaudin sticks around too. He’ll either start Game 4 or remain the long man if CC Sabathia gets the call, the only game he’d have to start on short rest.

Position players (14)
Derek Jeter
Johnny Damon
Mark Teixeira
Alex Rodriguez
Jorge Posada
Hideki Matsui
Robinson Cano
Nick Swisher
Melky Cabrera
Brett Gardner
Jerry Hairston Jr.
Jose Molina
Eric Hinske
Francisco Cervelli

Pitchers (11)
CC Sabathia
A.J. Burnett
Andy Pettitte
Mariano Rivera
Phil Hughes
David Robertson
Brian Bruney
Phil Coke
Alfredo Aceves
Joba Chamberlain
Chad Gaudin



    i like that idea….damaso even though he is a lefty hasnt been productive…i would also get hinske off the roster..and put guzman on the roster….we will be in close games so having a pinch runner will be huge…and seriosly what is hinske doing there?….we got hairston for infield utility and gardner for outfield? what does hinske do that guzman cant…guzman can atleast run and get to 3rd

  2. tempny

    Great point about Hinske and Guzman, especially against a team that kills you with baserunning. We’ll see how Girardi and his staff decides to counter that.

    Thanks for reading,


  3. jrny1986

    I like the idea of carrying Guzman too, especially with the speed it gives the Yanks and the way it was used to beat the Angels at the Stadium in September.

    That said, I don’t see Girardi doing it. Without Hinske, the only way they have a power guy on the bench is if Molina is behind the dish and Posada or Matsui sits to start the game. I still think they are most flexible with Guzman, but Girardi will value the chance at a long ball if needed late in a game.


    I think you’re right about Damaso Marte being taken off the roster in the next round. To be honest, I was a little surprised that he was even on the roster in the ALDS. I know the Yankees wanted that second lefty in the bullpen, but you can’t use him if you don’t know that he’s going to be effective and he hasn’t shown that he can pitch well this year. Against the Angels, most of the games will be very close so I don’t see the Yankees being able to bring him in at all.

    I also think Hinske has to stay on the roster, if for no other reason than neither Swisher nor Damon looked good while hitting during the ALDS and you might have to sub for one of them if they don’t get it going.



    i see your point ggonzalez about hinske being put back on the roster since damon and swisher didnt look good….
    but i would put money on both of them bouncing back this series and then you wont need hinske as a replacement or pinch hitter since gardner takes care of that…
    i seriosuly think we need guzman in there over hinske….these games will be tough and each run will matter…i see a lot of 3-2 and 5-4 games…so having guzman would be more valuabale….giraridi wont go with him tho….but anyway lets go yankees….this alcs is like the world series basically….we can do it…lets go new york

  6. jeterfan26

    I agree with everything u guys are saying 100%!!!! first thing with Demaso Marte, ya it would be great to have 2 lefties in the pen in the playoffs but if u can not do your job and get out left handed hitters then it’s pointless to have him on the postseason roster!! Secondly speed changes not only the game but the way u manage the game as well!!! And i truley believe Guzman will not only help us win but is a much bigger threat off the bench instead of Hinske and would greatly better our chances of beating them and give them a taste of there own medicine!! I think our time now is as good as ever to finally beat the Angels, get back to the series and win #27!!! LET’S GO YANKEES!!!!!!

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