Statement from George M. Steinbrenner

“As we move on to the ALCS, our team’s focus remains the same. With the support of the greatest fans in the world, we will continue to march forward as we have done all year.”


  1. yankeexx

    We hear ya Mr. Steinbrenner and agree but for a couple of days we want to celebrate this team..btw..thank you for the Yanks.


    I mean i love George and all, but why put out a statement that i doubt belonged to George. The only reason I’m saying this is because that it seems strange that George has not uttered one word in public, but yet he keeps making a lot of statement from behind close door. Usually, i would always get excited if George had something to say, but that’s not the case anymore since it seems that he’s not the same anymore.

  3. clbardeguez

    We all know that “Mission 27” is the goal… We are proud and appreciate the team’s performance during the ALDS but we all know that winning it all is what we are after. Thank you Mr. Steinbrenner for making it happen in New York today and always. We miss seeing you hope to see you in the near future… Thanks for the Yankees!!!!

  4. yankeespacificnw

    Mr. Steinbrenner, as the world has collapsed around us over the past year and put a huge number of people out of work and negatively impacted the lives of many of us, our Team has given us a huge hope. This past year, getting to watch the New York Yankees perform the magic they have performed has done much to stave off trouble and despair for many people. Though the economy has let many of us down, our team – under your extraordinary leadership – has risen up to renew hope and joy. Thank you, sir, for speaking to us. We love and miss you. God bless you.


    MR.steinbrenner,a yankees fan born and raise in the bronx ,but now living in chicago.i”ll like to thank you very much ,for what you have done for this team. new york is very lucky to have a owner like you ,who care about the fan in ny .while other teams owner keep the money they make and also the money they get from you from the revenue revenue charing .may god bless you and your family ,we miss seing you and hearing you on the best network in the world.yessss love ya.


    This team has been focused since the beginning and as long as they stay that way we will win the world series.These are a great bunch of fun loving and hard playing guys,we deserve to win.Go Yankees.


    Over 50 years ago, my Dad wrote this to me after I lost a game in little league. I’d like to send this to all the current Yankees…

    Win if you can
    Lose if you must
    I’ll always be your fan
    Win, lose or bust.

    I am and always will be a Yankee fan….Thanks for a great season.

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