And we wait

By Jon Lane
The Yankees won’t know until possibly Tuesday night who they will be playing in the Division Series.

Here’s the scenario: The Tigers’ lead remains at two games with one to play. The Twins win the AL Central if they beat the Royals and the Tigers lose White Sox. If the teams remain tied, the Twins will host a one-game playoff Tuesday at 5 p.m. night with the winner immediately flying to New York to play the next evening – if the Yankees decide on the extra off day. The deadline for that decision remains one hour after the division is decided, even if it’s Tuesday night. 

Here are the pitching match-ups in Detroit and Minneapolis:

Justin Verlander (18-9, 3.45) vs. John Danks (13-10, 3.69)

Sunday: Carl Pavano [yes, him] (13-12, 5.07) vs. Luke Hochevar (7-12, 6.24)

The Tigers choked away a division lead in 2006, but had the wild card as a safety net. No such luck this time.

One comment

  1. yankeesalltheway2009

    if they play a tuesday night playyoff game,then the yankees will sweep either one of them, no doubt

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