miagyi_275_092309.jpgBy Jon Lane
“Breathe in, breathe out – and no scare fish.”
– Pat Morita’s Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid

Okay, some 1980s cheese to begin today’s blogging, but the point is you can take a deep breath, exhale and chill out. The Yankees are officially, securely, in the postseason after a one-year hiatus. Now there’s the matter of clinching both the AL East and home field advantage. Something catastrophic would have to happen to deny them both luxuries.

Thanks to everyone for providing feedback to my ALDS roster projections. Chad Gaudin did nothing to hurt his chances of making the cut, but didn’t provide reassurances that he’d be a viable alternative for Joba Chamberlain in Game 4 of the ALCS if the Yankees get that far. The Yankees are 5-0 in games he’s started, but that means nothing in the playoffs, where you can no longer rely on an offense to bail out a mediocre pitcher.

It would make a world of difference if Chamberlain shows life and passion Friday night while turning out Boston’s lights.


  1. mdgyankees@gmail.com

    One has to imagine what the season would be with Wang in the rotation. Repeat of 1998?

    But we will continue with out him and rely on the guys that have gotten us this far.

  2. i_bleed_pinstripes

    mdg, if we had Wang last year we would have atleast made the wildcard, would have been great to have him back this year

  3. jones18778@yahoo.com

    I predict Wang’s major league career is over. He was on borrowed time anyway being a sinker baller and averaging 3 strikeouts a game.

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