Williams nominated for Latin Grammy

bernie_275_091809.jpgBy Jon Lane
Bernie Williams’ second album, “Moving Forward,” was nominated for “Best Instrumental Album.” Williams for the upcoming Latin Grammy Awards.

“I don’t have many words right now that can explain how excited and grateful I am about this nomination,” Williams said in a statement. “When I stopped playing baseball, I knew that I would become more dedicated to my music. Just to have the chance to sign with Reform Records and create this CD was a tremendous opportunity. Now, to already have my first Latin Grammy nomination from my fellow musicians is beyond anything I could have dreamed.”

For those who are interested, Williams has live performances lined up in the New York metropolitan area, including Saturday, September 25 at the Capital One Bank Theater in Westbury, Long Island. This nomination is most deserving. Williams, one of the greats during the Yankees’ recent dynasty, has put out two phenomenal albums and the sky is indeed the limit.

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  1. yankeespacificnw

    Yeah, Bernie! We are so happy that your musical talents are being acknowledged. I have your first album and love it. Your music is smooth and delightful.

    Miss so much seeing you gliding in the outfield. Your fans were so heartbroken to just have you drop out of the world of baseball, but having you out there involved in your music makes it easier to bear. I think I can say for your fans everywhere, we will love you forever. Yet, I somehow still choke up when I see your picture or hear your name. May God bless you in your endeavors to be as unique and one of a kind in music as you always were in baseball. You are incredibly special.

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