The Pulse of New York

Every Tuesday, YES Blog takes the pulse of New York on the hottest topics being talked about right now in the world of sports. What’s your take on the below issues?

Have the Yankees put the Red Sox in their rearview mirror for good?(opinion)

Who will win the AL MVP?(polling)

Do you believe David Ortiz when he says he never knowingly used PEDs?(survey software)

Who benefited most from the Alex Rios deal?(trends)

Who should start at QB for the Jets?(polling)


  1. letsgoyankees

    I think we’ll stay in first, but I say that with little conviction. I’m not sold on the Sox untimely demise.

  2. redsoxmelissa

    I think the Red Sox still have a pretty good chance of taking back first.

    If the Yankees were more than 6 games behind at one point and they were able to take first, than the Red Sox can too.

    I have complete faith in the Red Sox. Last night’s win was the turn around point, and the fact that the Yankees lost, is only a good sign.


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