Trade winds still blowing

by Glenn Giangrande

I don’t buy it. Not for one second. The Yankees aren’t done dealing.
While the Red Sox added an impact bat in Victor Martinez, the Yankees stood pat, choosing to hold onto all their prospects. Of course, deals can still go down for another month as long as players go through waivers, so this means the Yankees might be choosing to flex their financial muscle and absorb a bad contract held by a starting pitcher.
Make no mistake about it: This team still needs a starter. Joe Girardi has acknowledged that the Yankees are a little thin. Chien-Ming Wang is gone for the year, perhaps for good. Let’s assume the organization will hold strong on Joba Chamberlain’s innings limit. You have to hope that the minor soreness that Alfredo Aceves is dealing with doesn’t develop into something more serious. As well as the Yankees have played since the All-Star Break, they still only hold a slim lead over the Red Sox in the AL East. The Rangers’ young pitching might be for real. The Rays still linger. Detroit added Jarrod Washburn, and Jake Peavy could give the White Sox a late season push. This playoff race is far from finished.
So, who could be on the radar? My colleague, Jon Lane, name checked Bronson Arroyo, who some later, denied reports linked to the Yankees last week. Arroyo will be making $11 million next year with a club option for 2011 that includes a $2 million buyout clause. His teammate Aaron Harang, is also commanding big dollars — $12.5 million next year plus the same club option\buyout for ’11. In today’s economy, a contending team might spring for Harang, one of baseball’s more underrated pitchers in recent years, while Arroyo could probably be had in a much easier fashion. Economically, Arizona’s Doug Davis could be a top target for teams. He’ll be a free agent at the end of the year, and the 33-year-old lefty has pitched better than his 5-10 record, posting a 3.76 ERA heading into his start Friday night against the Mets.
Don’t turn off the trade wires just yet.


  1. yanksinsight

    Harang, Arroyo, Davis…with the exception of Arroyo none of the other pitchers have seen any time in the AL and Arroyo has been in the NL Central on a weak team for a few seasons now…any 3 of those are no better than what the Yankees have on the mound right now in Mitre. All of em will get killed against AL East with the hitters they have there and they’ll have to be paid alot more money for just as frustrating performances


    this is a bunch of crap! Im a die hard yanks fan and this trade year is retarded!They actually think they will win with this group!(pitching) i dont think so! good job cashman and yanks you suck on this one!


    even I know we cant trust cc, and hes our #1 pitcher? and what the fck pettite im sorry this will be the same thing thats been happening for years now! anyone who dissagrees is a moron! mark that down!

  4. fl_yankfan

    I have to agree with the above posters only maybe not in the same words. Without adding another arm to the rotation, It’s going to be very difficult for this team will hold it’s lead in the East.
    Even though our hitting is 2d in the AL behind the Angels, our pitching ERA is 8th and higher than all of the contending teams..Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Texas. The only contender higher than us is Minnesota.
    That doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season in the competitive AL East. Our top starters, CC, AJ and Joba are all under 4, but Andy is 4.5 and Mitre is over 5, so we need to score a lot of runs when they pitch. Our bullpenis being overworked although the recent era is much better than it used to be, so those figures probably don’t mean much. Some of those numbers are probably from Wang’s inflated ERA. But Ace has a sore arm, Coke has been iffy, Robertson is so-so..good some days, horrid others, Bruney may be getting his zone back but he’s not reliable yet. Melancon is a rookie, can’t expect much from him. So, the only true bright spots in the pen are Hughes and Mo.
    And for those who have been badmouthing Pettite..hey..this is what the Yankees signed up for. They know he’s a 4.5 era pitcher. It comes as no surprise, and he has won 8 games!

    As for CC, he’s a great pitcher. But even great pitchers have bad games sometimes. CC’s era will hover around 3.7-3.8 and he’ll give you 15 plus wins a year. That’s what the Yankees expect and he’s complaiints. Same with AJ. He’s right at his historical range. CC is pitching about the same as he did first half last year, except he’s winning more and losing less. Don’t expect him to reproduce that 1.65 ERA in the AL. It’s not going to happen.

    If the Red Sox keep playing at their present level, we could win the division, if they get better, we have a very good chance of winning the WC, but Texas is only 2 games back so nothing is guaranteed.


    Why don’t the Yanks send MITRE to JAPAN maybe there somebody can develop a brand new arm, I just hate seeing this guy pitching, Cashman…. WE NEED PITCHING. Why does Girardi keeps trying and trying with Albaladejo? Every time this guy gets on the mound it looks like a batting practice.


    The Yankees front offices sat on their hands this trading deadline! Definately let Washburn, a pitcher they have been trying to get for 2 years now, slip through their hands. Hairston JR; I’d rather see them use Gardner with a broken thumb. Very disappointing to say the least. Hell, may as well bring up Igawa: and I can’t stand that guy! Outrageous. Can’t wait to see what moves are going to be made now!!! Arroyo, what would they be thinking in trying to get him through waivers? Is there much more out there? Hell Pittsburgh has to have something left to give up, we should tap them too; everyone else did.

  7. norm07

    A waiver wire pick up is not likely. Where the Yankees are in the standings, nearly every other team in the AL would have to pass on a pitcher in oreder for the Yankees to get him.

    There were 3 Cy Young winning pitchers available and the Yankees got a backup infiedler. Great move.

    Time to trade Cashman and Girardi for a bag of used balls.


    Unfortunately, unless Yanks ownership makes a starting pitcher deal in the short term, with the spector of game losses to Doc Halladay in the next week, game projected game losses to an improved Bosox team in the next week and projected predicted losses to LAA, I predict by the end of week Monday, 8/9/09, the Yanks free-fall will have them trading positions with the Rays at this juncture.

    What’s more, having seen Girardi’s mgmt style close up for the first time, having set down Heinske, Godzilla, and other potent bats in their lineup while the Yanks got clobbered, sending their young firstbaseman back to AAA while keeping a impotent utilityman Ransom are bad moves that will contribute to him loosing his job, a measure already made public by Mr. Steinbrenner.

    In short, the defensive lapses are just the tip of the iceburg. Call me a fatalist, but I’ve watched the team for many years, and this team has not demonstrated tremendous propensity to collesce and close these holes from within; it’s going to be long remainder of the season for Girardi, the Steinbrenners, and the team – Not making the move for Halladay was a mistake and their abbreviated playoff run will illustrate this was a poor decision.


    Well, reading all these blogs and being female, is that I agree w/most of what fans are saying. We all can’t be dead wrong with the organization. My first time speaking out because I’m very upset w/management. For the most part we have a good team, not great because we are not consistence enough. I’m sure with a different approach in management, the team will look good even better whether will loose or win. You can’t win all the time, but you can loose looking good, they is no in between with this club. I did not like the choice of Joe Giradi as a manager and Cashman, his time should have expired when we let go of Joe Torre. I thought we got away of the Torre syndrome and here is another Joe who has not shown diversity in management, here we go all over again. Again we have not traded for a decent fifth pitcher, knowing the injuries that we have and possibly going through right now with Aceves and Bruney. After Cody Ransom got heard, this was a great time to send him back to the minors and Pena should have stayed. This kid was getting adjusted to playing in the mayors with confident, Cody to this point have not shown it. Now with Brett Gardner in the DL, what about bringing up Austin Jackson, you won’t trade but you won’t give him a chance to play. Milky Cabrera is not going to blow the pants out of you this year. He is as of now a average player. Don’t get me wrong, I like Milky but in not enough. Lets not forget Hinske, why did you get him to sit on the bench, this guy is a good player and has pop. Bottom line is get one more pitcher and my final thought is new baseball park and the same old Yankee management, nothing have changed.


    I agree with everyone here, im shocked the yankees did not do a thing, Mr Washburn a gritty lefty was there for the pickins and they let him go. The yankees will not go far into the playoffs with this team as it is now, there is no clutch hitting, the bullpen is shoddy except for Hughes, Rivera and I must say im not too impressed with Girardi as a manager, Yankees if you want to wion it all, i say put a package together for Mr Halliday and I think that will be the big push we need to win it all, put Robertson, Mitre, Bruney, Abad, whatever Ransom and go get Halladay!!!!!


    for the second year in a row brian cashman sat on his hands and did nothing,when we really needed a pitcher he goes out and gets a pitcher,i wonder is he for the redsoxs,its about time that hal s step in and take over if cashmen can not handle it. for i know george would.

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