Another Halladay take

By Jon Lane
Jerome Preisler pens the Deep in the Red blog for On his day off, he e-mailed me his take on the Roy Halladay trade rumors:

Halladay is probably the best pitcher in baseball. He would alter the balance of power in the AL East in a way that can be equated to what occurred when the Red Sox acquired Curt Schilling. But unlike Curt Schilling he is 32 years old and in the prime of his career. The Yankees could expect him to produce at a high level for at least another half decade.
A trade of this magnitude will be painful almost by definition. The Red Sox didn’t want to give up Hanley Ramirez for Josh Beckett, and they didn’t want to take on Mike Lowell’s contract, but look how well it worked out for them. I interviewed Ramirez when he was with the AA Portland Seadogs. I saw him play several times and knew without any doubt that he would be something special. But I also knew it was a trade the Sox had to make.
I would present J.P. Ricciardi with a package that includes Joba and, if need be, Austin Jackson as its centerpieces, but other Minor Leaguers could be movable pieces. Phil Hughes would be off the table.
I agree with you that the odds don’t favor such a trade. But I think it’s more than a possibility, and Brian Cashman’s greatest strength as GM, or one of them, has been to pull these sorts of surprise moves out of his vest pocket. 
Another thing to consider: Joe McDonald of the
Providence Journal reported that the Red Sox have officially phoned Ricciardi about Halladay, and that Ricciardi stated that Clay Buchholz was mentioned as key to any potential deal. Thus, one can assume they had a substantive discussion about a trade. Like the Yankees, the Sox have the resources to pull one off here, and the Yankees must do whatever they can to make sure it doesn’t happen. That means monitoring this situation with all due diligence.’s Jon Heyman reports that the Jays are freezing out the Yankees and Red Sox, and haven’t returned a phone call placed by the Yankees 10 days ago.


The Yankees will hold a “major” press conference on Monday to announce an upcoming college football event at Yankee Stadium. According to the The Times Herald-Record, Notre Dame will play Army at the Bronx Mahal next year.



    I don’t believe the Yanks have a prayer at getting Halladay. Neither do the Red Sox. The last thing Riccardi would want is Halladay and Burnett haunting them for the next 5 years.

    Face it…the Jays are looking to add some pieces so THEY can win. If there WERE to be a deal for hallady, it would be one that crippled the Yanks. Probably Montero…Hughes…Joba and Jackson. That’s something the Yanks could NOT afford to do. And if Cashman said that Hughes is off the table? Then that would make Riccardi want him even more.

    It wouldn’t hurt to lose Joba. The Yankees ruined him when they tried to make him a starter. It would be back to the drawing board with him…starting from scratch. It’s a shame….they had a bonafide future closer in that kid. All anyone has to do is listen to this kid talk in his post game interviews to see that his confidence is shot. So losing him is no great loss at this time.

    Getting Halladay would be a real coup. But the price that would make it a no brainer for the Jays is too much for the Yankees to pay. I say he ends up in Philly, and the pieces the Jays get there will make them a contender again in 2 years.

  2. tstimmel

    i think we have to be realistic in terms of value. Therefore Joba has to be included to have any chance. i agree that Hughes should not be included and neither should Montero. Therfore, Jackson has to be and while he was the Yank’s golden boy, he’s lost his power and outfielders are always available. Offer these 2 plus any ML pitcher at AAA they want. the key would be to throw in Melky and take on Welles’ contract. That would be very interesting because 2 years ago the Yanks would have jumped at Welles and now he has no value due to his contract and performance. Taking Welles would seal a deal because of that and the Yanks might see the silver lining and be able to bite the bullet on the cost.

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