Do the Yankees need another outfielder?

By Glenn Giangrande

With Xavier Nady seemingly done for the year, do the Yankees need another corner outfielder?

Let’s assume that Brett Gardner’s red-hot June continues, giving him the starting job in center that he lost to Melky Cabrera earlier this year. Melky COULD slide over to right, but would having Gardner and Cabrera together in the lineup be detrimental to the offense? Say yes for the sake of argument. Nick Swisher is an adventure out in right, and Johnny Damon’s defense has clearly taken a step back in left. The Yanks would do wise to bring in one more outfielder with the versatility to handle left or right.

The perfect fit? Mark DeRosa.

A New Jersey native, DeRosa was a guest on Batting Practice Today earlier this season, saying he’d love to play for the Yankees before his career ends. He’s in the final year of a three-year contract that he signed with the Cubs, who traded him to the Indians over the winter. Cleveland appears headed for a rebuilding phase, with ace pitcher Cliff Lee being rumored to be on the block. If he was on the Yankees right now, DeRosa’s bat would qualify as the second best among players able to handle the outfield behind Damon’s – I’m not counting Hideki Matsui, whose knees have betrayed him. DeRosa is probably best known as an infielder, but he’s got a fair amount of experience in the outfield, having started a total of 179 games in right field and left field combined. In 216 total games counting those in which he moved to one of those positions, he’s made only two errors.

Prior to the news developing concerning Nady’s likely need for Tommy John surgery, Brian Cashman was quoted as saying that the Yankees didn’t need a bat and that “all the bats are here.” If his perspective has changed, the idea of DeRosa is one the Yankees would do well to pursue.


  1. ny0401

    I think Yankees might need another outfielder but they could live with out another one with gardeners recent success. But one thing they need to do is they need to get rid of matsui he is reaching the end of his career hes definitely not as good as he used to be


    It’s funny, for all the $$ the Yanks spend- they really only have one “complete” defensive outfielder. Swish is a horror show, Gardner has no arm, Damon misses balls right to him and also has no arm, Matsu can’t even play the field. That leaves the Melk Man as the only plus defensive option in the OF.


    speed never goes into a slump. its nice that when you have a guy that can hit a routine ground ball to 2b and still get a hit out of it. as long as he gets on and it does not matter how, Gardner stays in center. Gardner is also the best “go get it” guy in the out field. Its center he gets rid of the ball quickly enough, and the right way. Melky in right. Maybe the kid (a. jackson) should get a shot. Youth & energy, along with young legs that can cover ground, and god forbid be real baseball players, not guys that are just ok/good hitters. Baseball players hit, run, throw, catch, bunt, steal, know the game, base running, sittuational hitting. All the stuff our other outfielders other than Melk/Gardner don’t do.

    For years now, we get stuck with one that occupy space in the out field, but are anthing close to baseball players.


    Let’s be honest folks, Matsui is done, and we need a DH without losing a good player. Gardner can DH. He is terrible in the field. Terrible, terrible, terrible. So he’s fast….let him run. Hit the ball into play and then….run. Run as fast you can!! Cabrera is your outfielder. He’s got the arm, he’s got the vertical jump, the common sense, the bat, oh and 3 of the 8 walk off runs!! Joe Girardi has got it out for Cabrera and he’s loves Gardner. Everyone knows it unfortunately, the stats speak for themselves and Gardner is only good for speed!!

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