Did A-Rod do the right thing?

By Glenn Giangrande


I don’t care what the numbers say. I firmly believe Alex Rodriguez should have underwent his major hip surgery the first time around.

People, who would argue in favor of A-Rod’s decision to have a first, “less invasive” procedure ahead of another operation after the season, would probably start with a couple of factors — the Yankees’ performance when he first returned to the lineup and the positive effects he had on Mark Teixeira, whom he was batting behind. Well, the Yankees have reverted to the scuffling form they showed in April, going 4-8 over their last 12 games heading into Tuesday’s game in Atlanta. They would be 3-9 if not for Luis Castillo’s game-ending error in the first game of the Subway Series on June 12, and save for a couple of big games versus the Mets in that stretch, their offensive numbers are down sharply. As for Teixeira, he has said that A-Rod’s presence has been a big help, but let’s be honest. Big Tex was eventually going to start hitting regardless of who’s batting behind him, even if the caliber of pitches he’d see would be down. He’s a known slumper in April, so who’s to say he wouldn’t have turned it around even without Rodriguez? It’s unfair to assume that A-Rod was the sole answer to Teixeira’s early-season woes.

Now the Yankees are being forced to give A-Rod steady rest, and he’s started to become a distraction again, albeit a mild one. Players with tired bodies should not be out on the town until 2:30 a.m., regardless of how famous they and their company might be. There were rumors about the possibility of Rodriguez’ two-game sitdown in Florida being some sort of punishment, and the conference call in which he was told that he’s “hurting the team.” There’s plenty of time for the superstar to get himself right, and as Michael Kay has pointed out on the YES broadcasts, A-Rod’s timeline is comparable to that of a Major Leaguer just coming out of Spring Training. But, with the prospect of another surgery looming, Rodriguez could wind up doing worse damage to his hip by playing, hurting himself and the Yankees in the process.


  1. snowman740@hotmail.com

    guys, we are talking Arod here, What does he really mean to the Yankees? Since he’s been here, have we won a championship? Has he lead us to the promised land? Has he been hitting in key situations? NO. But what has he brung to NY? Steroids, Madonna, arguments, trouble, non playoff production.
    Is he really worth the trouble? Especially with what he’s being paid. He should be the poster child for awesome behavior, ala Jeter, but not Arod. He’s a tired distraction helping drag an other wise poor team further down hill. keep in mind, we aren’t watching a hall of famer in the making any more, that dream ended with his positive test.
    Part ways with him at the trade dead line and let’s start getting younger, mail in the season.

  2. alightningrodfan

    Too much speculation for me to have a real opinion since we just don’t know what would have happened had he had the full surgery. And it is not really objective to look at this issue at a time when the Yankees are now slumping and then to ask if he should have done it and how it will help or not. However, it is also speculation to say it is A-Rod’s fault we have not won a championship. If we watch the Yankees right now, we see that none of the Yankees, including Jeter and Tex, are doing well consistently at the plate anymore. The fact that they cannot hit is not A-Rod’s fault. There are many reasons we did not win a world series, and it gives all the other teammates a pass to say it is A-Rod’s fault.

  3. alightningrodfan

    I should have also noted above that as much of a fan as I am of A-Rod’s, what he does outside the baseball game is his own business. I don’t care that he went out and stayed out late. It is not my business. That is how I feel about all baseball players. The problem here is that too many sports reporters are concerned with what A-Rod does with his own free time (how many times has the news reported on who he is dating), they put that information in the papers and talk about it on the radio to get audience interest, and then criticize him for being in the media so often and for being a “distraction.” A little crazy.

  4. mbrandes@rochester.rr.com

    OK….I’m no ARod fan…but I’m no ARod basher either. In many ways, he is the scapegoat for everything that goes wrong with the Yankees. Unfairly, I might add.

    Now that being said, do I think he is a 30 Million dollar man? No…I don’t. Let’s face it, when he opted OUT of his contract a couple of years back, it was a ploy to hold up the Yanks for more $$. And in a way….it worked. He got more. Not a lot…but more. And when the Yanks walked away, and refused to negotiate with him? He called them. Why? Because ARod is all about ARod. He not only wanted to be in NY where he has the media on him every day….but he NEEDED to be in NY to promote himself…to make endorsement $$. It’s not that he has a love for the Yankees…he has a love for ARod and the $$ his name brings in a YANKEE uniform.

    OK….now back to theis article. I agree that ARod should have just had the full surgery. If you take a look at him right now, he is pretty much useless. Maybe he does need a rest and he’ll get right again….who knows? But since ARod has been a Yankee, he has been a streaky player. There are, at times, what seems like a 2 week stretch where he can’t deliver in the clutch…strikes out a LOT…and is ALWAYS trying to pull the outside pitch. Then, suddenly, he’ll go on a tear. And in the post season? Geeeeez…..might as well sit him on the bench. Torre even batted him 8th against the Tigers a few years back.

    I wish the Yanks could unload ARod…but there isn’t a team out there who wants the contract, OR the drama that follows this guy around. It’s unfortunate, but ARod is just another part of the Cashman legacy…even though it was the Steinbrenners who signed ARod up this last go’round.

    What the Yankees need to do is resist the urge to sign these marquee players. Giambi, Sheffield, ARod…etc. The ONLY good signing of a marquee player…well 2…and that was this year when they got Teixiera and Sabbathia. Other than that, it’s injuries, steroids, and unneeded DRAMA that follows these primaddonnas around. The Yankees are a baseball team..not a circus.

    Remember the fomula for winning all those championships? It was a mix of veterans like O’Neill, Brosius, and Tino…to go along with the homegrown talent like Jeter, Posada, Pettitte, Williams and Rivera!! Remember that formula Brian?? Well that’s what WORKS. You need the youth mixed in with the veterans. We could use an Austin Jackson up here. He sure as heck can’t be any worse than Swisher. Get him up here and get him ready for the future. Get him around the major leaguers.

    Let’s face it folks. It’s not ARod….it’s Girardi and Cashman who have this team in turmoil. With a payroll the size of the GNP of many countries around the world, the Yankees are the most underachieving team in the league. Last night…AGAIN….they lose to a rookie pitcher…shut out. Hanson might be good, but he isn’t CY YOUNG. But the Yanks made him look like it.

    Since the Boston Massacre a couple of weeks ago, this team has become a sinking ship. They have a shot at the wild card this year…but ONLY if they right this ship and hold off the Tampa Rays. One thing for sure, Boston is the class of the American league..AGAIN….but Tampa is a force to contend with. A young HUNGRY team….kind of like the Yanks were back in the mid 90’s. You get my drift.

  5. bigz11378@yahoo.com

    please run this a-fraud out of town. you make $33mil a
    year and you need to be rested???? give me a break, will
    you. He is a phony as a $3dollar bill. what was Hank thinking when he gave this bum all that money??? I would
    have no part of this creep, i would release him, eat his
    money, and go on. no one in their right mind would take him
    and give up promising young players. where is Hal and Hank
    now??? if this were in George’s time, he would have been in
    his ugly face. let’s face it, yankee fans, no rings will ever
    be worn again, no parades, or banners raised, unless this
    two face is run out of town.
    0n another note, this dave eiland needs to go. you cant
    straighten out Wang? why is AJ walking so many batters?
    what good is he? what also about Kevin Long???? the
    offense is so dreadful, if these guys worked in the real world, they would ahve been canned a long time ago.

    And Giradi?? he needs to manage a bunch of rookies.
    Where have you gone JT?????

  6. missy-collins@cox.net

    Im sick and tired of Michael Kay saying Alex’s name wrong. He says it with two D’s and is so infuriating!!! He’s the freaking Yankees commentator and he cant get it right.!!!

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