Yankees vs. Rangers: 5/26/2009

yankees.jpgYANKEES (26-19)
Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera CF
Hideki Matsui DH
Nick Swisher RF
Francisco Cervelli C

Pitching: Joba Chamberlain (2-1, 3.70)

rangers.jpgRANGERS (26-18)

Pitching: Kevin Millwood (4-4, 3.12)


  1. paul.deangelo@mac.com

    John Flahtery is so boring I have to turn off the sound to enjoy the game.
    The Flahtery/Singleton team is brutal. First time I’ve ever disliked Yankee announcers.

  2. z58

    As long as Joey G. is Manager the Yankees will NEVER make the playoffs, win a pennet or win a WS. He just might be the only guy in the universe that can not see Joba belongs in the bullpen. Thats where he can bring the most value – Thats number 1. Number 2, Joey “NL” as in National League needs to understand this is the AMERICAN LEAGUE…He manages like he’s over in the NL. Taking Hughes out in the 9th the other night when he had a 3 hit shutout going was nearly as bad as a move as the old Buck SHowalter days. These sound like “little things” but they make lots of differences. These are things that Torre would not have done. Does it surpise anyone that Torre has the best team in baseball? Nice going Hank. Your proving to be a fine NY’er. Just like the NYS Government – You can’t just throw money at everything to fix a problem. Dump Gerardi as Manager. His Line up is fine but he know NOTHING about Pitching Rotation

  3. z58

    Last point: If Joba is “rightfully” in the “Pen”, other team will be forced to play the Yankees in 6 inn. Joba comes in and Pitches thr 7th & 8th then on to MO. – That is a Lights out combination. As they used to say when the bullpen consisted of of Lyle and Gossage; “If you don’t get to the Yankees rotation in 6 innings, your not going to get them” – Joba Pitching the 7th and 8th makes PERFECT sense getting the ball to MO. Now – You have to hold your breath when he goes to the pen. WTF Joe? Wake up

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