YES representing in the Blogosphere

The latest leaders in the MLBlogs Network, by page view, was released for the period from April 15 through May 18. The big winner in the blog network is Kimberly Jones, who ranks third among the top 50 Pro blogs. Coming in eighth is Steven Goldman’s Pinstriped Bible and 11th is this space featuring contributions from Jon Lane, Joe Auriemma and Glenn Giangrande.

More of our great contributors made the Top 50: Chris Shearn’s Off the Wall, The Blob with Bob Lorenz, Jim Kaat’s Korner and Mrs. Singy: Married to Baseball. And followers of the New Jersey Nets can enjoy Al Iannazzone’s Nets Insider.

Thank you for checking us out and for your feedback. It’s shaping up to be a great summer and you, the fans, are a major part of it.

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