Deconstruction continues

By Jon Lane
WCBS-AM traffic reporter Tom Kaminski, aboard Chopper 880, provides the latest overhead shots of the old Yankee Stadium being taken apart. This time the seats are being removed. I’m still finding it very difficult letting go of the House That Ruth Built.


  1. titot

    I know that the deconstruction of the Old Yankee Stadium is painful to many of the faithful but like anything else in life, it to shall pass, especially when the Bronx Bombers win there first World Series at the New Catherdral. This is why many of my fellow brothers and sisters of the Empire and Michael Gay have to just let go. The Yankee Dynasty of the 90’s is over and has been for the past 8 years which was the last time the team won the World Series. I’m sick and tired of those that are clinging to the past and this so called “corporate” or “classy” image as Michael Gay calls it of the Yankees of the 90’s. This is a new team with new players. Yes God bless those that are still with us such as the Great Mo Rivera, Jorge Posada and Jeter. But to continue to pick at this new team for their way or “chemistry” needs to stop. Only someone who is full of themselves and I believe is hiding deep in their own closet would continue to critisize this team as they begin there journey towards Yankee greatness. Hey, Mike you consistently talk about the Yankees being about “class” stop talking trash and do your research, go to the start of it all, Babe Ruth, yeah a real classy guy, or the Yankees of the late 70’s they were so classy they were called the “Bronx Zoo”. I apologize for the venting but I’m sick and tired of trying to enjoy the greatest team in the world while a self righteous blow hard constantly looks for something to talk about on his show. If you ever want another ring let go of the 90’s and welcome in the new millenium, the new Catherdral and the New New York Yankees. God bless the Yankee Empire.

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