Why the Yankees are under .500

By Jon Lane
George King of the New York Post dissected the numbers:

  • Overall, the Yankees’ 5.79 ERA ranks 29th out of 30 teams. Only the Indians (5.83) are worse.

  • The rotation is 28th in the Majors with a 9-10 record and a 5.64 ERA, leading only the Red Sox (14-10; 5.81) and the Phillies (7-10; 6.28), and Yankees starters’ .289 batting average against is the fifth-highest in baseball. Why are the Red Sox 20-12 and the Yankees where they are? Simple, the Yankees’ putrid bullpen is 28th with an ERA of 6.04.  

  • The Yankees deserve credit for a few big hits in big spots, especially from Johnny Damon, named the AL Player of the Week. Overall, however, the Yankees are 14th with runners in scoring position at .244 (70-for-287). Mark Teixeira, a career .324 hitter in the clutch, is batting .192 (5-for-26).

  • Too many times have runners been stranded early in games and has haunted the Yankees in the later innings. It’s a problem that hasn’t gone away and needs to be stopped, immediately. CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett have been singled out for uneven beginnings, and now it’s time for Teixeira to show his true colors. Otherwise, even Alex Rodriguez will fly under the radar while everyone wonders what’s wrong with the $180-million man.


  1. juliasrants

    The Red Sox starting pitches have not – as a whole – done well; it has been our bullpen that has saved us as well as most of our bats are hot. I can’t help but wonder – if the Yankees don’t do well against the Blue Jays will Joe Girardi still the manager by the end of the week?


  2. tsebseeknay@hotmail.com

    god i hope not he’s a terrible coach, none of the players play for him. But will anyone else yankees get be better i dont think so. only person who can handle this team was torre, or this sort of team with all its personalities.

  3. yankeexx

    How is it Girardi’s fault except when he doesn’t make good calls of pitching changes. This team is out of sync period. They need to get their jive going…

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