Death By Bullpen

melancon_250_050609.jpgBy Glenn Giangrande
I just can’t take it anymore. The Yankees bullpen is like a train wreck that I DON’T want to watch.

In defense of Joe Girardi, he was dealt a tough hand when he lost Brian Bruney to the disabled list and Damaso Marte apparently was pitching hurt. That being said, about half the active ‘pen at minimum is downright unreliable right now. Jose Veras, Edwar Ramirez, and Jonathan Albaladejo can’t be trusted in big situations, but they also can’t be counted on to keep games close when the Yankees are down. Girardi also doesn’t seem to trust David Robertson much, and I can’t imagine Mark Melancon helped himself by walking the bases loaded in the ninth against Boston Tuesday night. Aside from Phil Coke and Mariano Rivera, it’s ugly out there.

So where on the planet is there to turn? For starters, Alfredo Aceves and his career .228 BAA deserve a chance to pitch some meaningful late innings. I’m not counting on Chien-Ming Wang’s return, so I’ll leave Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain out of the equation for now. Casey Fossum was signed to a Minor League deal after being cut loose by the Mets, a team that like the Yankees are dealing with a bullpen in dire straits. I guess Fossum is no worse than the current options, but anyone out there think he’s a real solution to the problem? Is there even an realistic external solution to be had? It’s too early to talk trade, not that the relief market is going to be any better than usual, and Fossum is clearly the best the Yankees could do via free agency.

On a brighter note, did anyone out there catch Family Guy this past Sunday? I was dying. Lauren Conrad-Bill Cosby sex tape, Mr. Magoo driving with Lindsay Lohan … there was some tremendous stuff. If you want your mind taken off the Yankees’ relievers, check it out on your preferred Internet TV portal of choice. 


  1. inthesun

    “PLAYER OF THE GAME”?????? Are you kidding me?? How in the world can you make a pitcher that gave up 4 runs in the first inning..”PLAYER OF THE GAME”? That is a complete embarrassment! DO NOT GLORIFY a pitcher that lost the game!!! Don’t ignore the fact that Joba lost the game. And he left the game with a fist pump???? LOL. The only reason the remaining fans left in the stadium were cheering when he got pulled was because the rest of the Yankees were playing so damn bad!!!! Great!….. He threw 12 strikeouts. And if he wouldn’t have given up “4 RUNS” in the 1ST INNING, that stood, and lasted the ENTIRE game, RESULTING in a LOSS…..maybe “PLAYER OF THE GAME”. Was it given to him because of the drama that just recently happened with his mother? I hope that isn’t the reason. But I honestly cannot think of how he ended up being “PLAYER OF THE GAME”. The Yankees cannot buy a run right now for whatever reason. We leave so many runners on base it is almost illegal. They need a boot somewhere to spark some kind of motivation. The Red Sox were getting hits and actually hitting runners home both meetings this year against us. This Bullpen is an absolute JOKE!!!! We spent so much on 2 starting pitchers, that are a stories all by them self…..but we have “ZERO” that we can count on in the bullpen. It’s actually pretty damn funny, watching Girardi rotate the entire bullpen through a game all the time. Someone needs to talk to Michael Kay, Ken Singleton and Flash…..Because they are making themselves look like a bunch of baboons picking the pitcher that actually LOST THE DAMN GAME as ………”The PLAYER OF THE GAME”. WHAT A JOKE!


    First of indeed the bullpen is a BBN BEYOND BEYOND NIGHTMARE!, why not use Ian Kennedy or Kei Igawa as relievers? better yet have them both on the bullpen..Now lets talk about the offense, Do you guys hear that noise some rattle noise? its Babe Ruth grave he is rolling in his coffin going nuts about the yankees offense..What the heck the offense is waiting for? a late inning miracles to be in the yankees highlight history?..They swing on bad pitches and look on good pitches, There legs is shaky in the box like they have knee cap problem like Patrick Ewing..
    I tell you fellow yankee fans Yankees dont have the heart like John Starks for the team. From top to the bottom of the line up cant even start a spark going and this is not the batting coach problem its the players but thank God for Nick Swisher cause he seems to keep the team in loose and yet play with the passion…I wish Jeter would be more aggressive to his team mate like Cow boy up get them pump in and stop wishing or hoping for the yankees ghost to come and help. Stupid!

  3. letsgoyankees

    If the starters improve, the bullpen will have to handle less innings and will also improve.

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