Big bucks, small production

ccblogyes0502.jpgBy Jon Lane
At what point do you worry about two of the Yankees’  big-ticket acquisitions? It’s still too early in my view, and people around the team will insist that Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia will turn it around, and soon. But since a baseball season is dissected in reaction to daily events, Teixeira and Sabathia have been anything but impact players, and fans are getting restless.

Teixeira went 0-for-3 in today’s 8-4 loss to the Angels, is 2-for-27 (.074) over his last eight games and is batting .182. In the sixth inning with Derek Jeter on third and one out in a 1-1 game, Teixeira flied out to shallow center, not deep enough to put the Yankees ahead.

“I’m very upset,” Teixeira said. “I’m not getting hits. I’m very upset that I’m not coming through for my team. I’m embarrassed that I’m hitting one something.  Whatever one is, it’s embarrassing.
“In the last couple of days, I’ve really worked hard. Kevin Long and I have been looking at videotape of my swings and my swing feels good. I just got to swing at maybe a few better pitches.”

Metro New York reporter and stats guru Larry Fleisher compiled a list of his batting averages through May 2 in his career.
2008 – .265
2007 – .223
2006 – .292
2005 – .259
2004 – .222
2003 – .188

To be fair, Teixeira hasn’t had Alex Rodriguez hitting behind him and once the sleeping giant awakens the Yankees will begin reaping the benefits of the $180 million they’re paying him over eight years. Combine the fact that A-Rod will fortify a lineup playing in a hitter’s park and Teixeira will turn those boos into cheers.

(A-Rod, by the way, went 0-for-6 in an extended spring game and is 2-for-18 in three games.)

Ditto Sabathia, who was brilliant for six innings before falling apart in the seventh. He’s 1-3 and winless since April 11 and the Yankees are 2-4 in games he’s started. Blame the big guy all you want, and he’s with fault, but his team has supported him with one run over his last two starts, and today was 2-for-11 with runners in scoring position while stranding seven.

“Sure, I had given up the lead, Sabathia said. “It was just frustrating. It was a tie game up until that point  When we’re not scoring runs, it’s up to the pitcher to go out and keep it close when we get in that eighth and ninth inning. That’s frustrating.  Every time you go out there, you want the team to win.  I’m just going to keep working hard and try to turn it around.”
Fleisher the stat guru notes that Sabathia has thrown 656 pitches in 39 innings through six starts (119 today). At this point last season he threw 604 covering 32.


I agree with you about Tex and Sabathia. It has been tough all around so far, and I am glad we have been able to win games despite the difficulties. Tex will hit again and CC will get some wins. I would also like to see A-Rod have a little more time in Tampa before returning to the Yankees. We need him 100% when he gets back.

What puts added pressure on Sabathia and Texiera are the injurys and lack of production not to mention the multi million dollar contracts. Sabathia is a good picture who is not getting wins and may be because of the bull pin being pushed to go more innings than he can right now. Because of what the Yankees are paying him and the failing bull pen Joe keeps him out there longer than he would someone else in the rotation. Same goes for Texiera! You keep running him out batting third in the lineup because of what he is making and the fact that you have no A-Rod behind him or to pick up the slack. Anyone else batting under 200 would be dropped in the order like Swisher was when he couldn’t come through batting cleanup. There seems to be a price to pay for high priced players above and beyond the money.

It looks like to me Teixeira is taking way too many pitches. He seldom, if ever, swings at the first pitch, which usually gets him in the hole 0-1. I know the Yankees preach working the count, but it looks like Teixeira is always looking to draw a walk instead of swinging for a hit………is
the wrist still bothering him???

Starting with C.C., He has shown signs of being a dominant pitcher this year. His last start against the Angels may have been his best so far, even with the final outcome. He was getting his fastball over the plate and his change up was devastating for the first 5 innings. The thing that hurt him was the Yankee bats. After just giving up a run that tied the game, Tex had a chance to pick C.C. up with a deep fly ball, but he couldn’t get it done. Then the next inning the wheels fell off, but C.C. did look very good during the game. Tex knows better than anyone else how frustrating his batting has been so far, but he will come around. Right now it’s like having Giambi back in the line up, low batting average, but high on-base percentage. The only difference is the glove in which Tex has made some amazing plays already that Giambi would have never been able to make. Once A-Rod gets back in the line up Tex will be fine, not only because of the pitches he will get with A-Rod in the batters box, but also because the media will all over A-Rod when he gets back analyzing everything he does. Tex isn’t used to the big market media yet and A-Rod will be his scapegoat.

I also agree with you on Tex and CC Sabathia. Too much money and for what? Come on, CC is not having a good year and Tex- well, we’ll see about tonight’s game vs Boston. As for A-Rod, he needs to set the record straight soon. I think fans might have something to say to him when he returns.

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