The Pulse of New York

Every Wednesday, YES Blog takes the “Pulse of New York” on some of the week’s biggest sports stories. Have your voice heard by voting in the below polls:

What is your opinion on all the home runs at Yankee Stadium?(online surveys)

If you ran the Mets, what would you have done with Dwight Gooden’s signature?(online surveys)

Former Mets pitcher Heath Bell is currently projected to finish the 2009 season with 76 saves. How many do you think he will have?(answers)

The Tampa Bay Rays are currently in last place. Where will they finish?(answers)

At 11-3, the Florida Marlins are currently leading the NL East. Who do you think will win the division?(online surveys)

Chien-Ming Wang will…(online surveys)


Like the questions!


What’s the deal with Swisher & how he looks up right before he faces a pitch?
Also, it looks like Texeria does a dance when he’s holding a runner on first.

Chris Pinto

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