Wang to throw Thursday in Tampa

By Jon Lane
I’m not at the Stadium tonight (I’m there tomorrow), but was passed a note with an update on Chien-Ming Wang’s next step.

Wang will go to Tampa Thursday to throw roughly 100 pitches in an extended Spring Training game. The Yankees want to see better consistency on the sinker and will take it from there.

“We want to see how he throws Thursday,” said Joe Girardi. “He’s struggled and we have talked about the importance of getting him right. We believe this is a another step in doing it and instead of not pitching him, we think he needs to pitch and try to get this right.

“The importance is the consistency of his sinker. That’s where he’s gotten himself in trouble.  He’s gotten up in the zone and when he gets up, it flattens out. So the importance is seeing the sinker, down, down, down with the movement and we’ll evaluate it after that.”

Thanks to Metro New York‘s Larry Fleisher for the 411.

Figure on Wang starting next week in Detroit. I’m not sure what the Yankees will deem progress, but I would think he’d have to go at least five innings. Anything close to resembling the three horrid starts we’ve seen to date and Phil Hughes may want to keep his cell phone close at all times.


Not in Fenway? Bummer! lol!


I hope the can get CMW straightened out. The Yankees need him to turn it around if they want to be successful this season.

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