Photos: Welcome to the new Yankee Stadium

Joe Auriemma is at the new Yankee Stadium today conducting interviews for YES’ parent site ( While there, he is also snapping photos of what he sees for your enjoyment. Keep coming back for more photos.

Andy Pettitte takes the field for his first-ever workout at the new stadium

Russ Salzberg interviews Yankees starting CF Brett Gardner


Brett Gardner signs autographs for the fans

The field is ready for its first-ever batting practice

A look at the stadium’s new HD screen

The new dugout has two sets of benches
dugout.jpg’s Christa Robinson in the new dugout


The Yankees make their way into the dugout
A look at the players’ point of view
The captain checks out the view of the field from the dugout
Andy Pettitte signs some autographs
Yankees CFs Brett Gardner and Melky Cabrera
The Yankees take the field
Yankees outfielders sit for an interview
Bernie Williams jamming on the big screen
A view from the seats


  1. yankeexx

    Thanks for the updated pics guys..Great to see Bernie on the big screen too. I’m singing the Blackeyed Peas song…Let’s get it started!

  2. yankeexx

    I certainly am!!! From the Big Island!! And I’m loving being their with you all in a cyber sort of way! Aloha from Hawaii.

  3. tempny

    Cool. Enjoy the sun. It’s cold here in NYC. We certainly hope the snow has stopped over there. That was crazy.

  4. yankeexx

    We’ve had so much rain and there is still snow on our 2 mountains. I met some folks from LA and it’s even cold for them over here. Thanks for all your player interviews. I haven’t missed one.

  5. bakekrukow

    This stadium looks great, but the fact that some seats cost $2500 ruins alot of it. I could see tearing down the House that Ruth Built and building a newer, better stadium so the “Fans” could enjoy the modern amenities, but with prices like that, is this really for the true blue Yankee fans or some CEO who doesn’t even know the players? That bothers me.

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