A grand way to go out

By Joe Auriemma
Austin Jackson, the Yankees’ top prospect, showed on Tuesday night why he has been bestowed that honor. He can really be a five-tool player. Jackson has shown his speed, prowess in the field and a little pop in his bat. Troy Benjamin and Josh Isaac, both YES employees and very good friends of mine, remarked to me this morning over breakfast that his swing reminds them a little bit like Mike Cameron’s. Other than the strikeouts, Cameron has had himself a very nice career, so that’s a pretty nice compliment.

This guy could really be something special with this team. In fact, in Tuesday night’s game, Jackson hit a long shot over the foul pole for a grand slam and then was greeted in the dugout by another Jackson, Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson. Good company to be in when you are just trying to make it up to the big leagues.

However, it was announced by manager Joe Girardi after the game that Jackson, along with Eduardo Nunez and Juan Miranda will be reassigned to Minor League camp. I’m sure that at some point we will see this dynamic player again, maybe sometime this season and maybe even for good one of these days, but for now it was certainly a grand way to make an impression on his way back to the Minors.


  1. letsgoyankees

    AJax looks real good. I think he’s going to be the left fielder when Nady leaves. Speaking of that, when is Nady’s contract up?

  2. edde1968

    yea austin jackson looks like a top prospect with five tool ability. btw Nady’s contract will be expire after this year.

  3. tempny

    Hey Letsgoyankees,

    Nady, Damon and Matsui are all free agents at the end of the year. Jackson, who will probably be brought up at sometime this season, will have a very legitimate shot of cracking the lineup next season.

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