Haterade becoming scarce

By Glenn Giangrande
Pedro Martinez is long gone. The Orioles haven’t been a threat in close to a decade. It’s been more than twice as long for Kansas City. The A’s continue to perpetually rebuild. Now Curt Schilling has called it quits.
I’m not saying it’s a sad day, but Yankee supporters are running out of people to bring the venom out in them.
What fun are sports without opponents to hate? Schilling gave Yankees fans enough fodder through the years, starting with his legendary comments about “Mystique” and “Aura” back in 2001 with the Diamondbacks and running right up through his growing presence on the ‘net during his time in Boston. As a man who earned two of his three World Series rings at the direct expense of the Yankees, Schilling grew to be a pretty loathed figure in the Bronx, and justifiably so. After all, the lasting memory of Schill’s career will be the bloody sock game that came at the expense of the Yankees in Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS.

I think it’s a career that should take him to Cooperstown, but I can understand the feelings of dissenters. Sure, the Red Sox will always draw ire in general, but some Yankee fans I know will tell you that they can’t hate someone as “loveable” as David Ortiz. Maybe Kevin Youkilis fills the role one day, but they certainly don’t make public enemies like they used to, if at all.
Had Schilling’s retirement announcement come in Yankee Stadium, I’m not sure he would’ve gotten a standing ovation like the Pacers’ Reggie Miller did at Madison Square Garden in his final game there against the Knicks before hanging up his sneakers. But the vitriol level among the pinstriped faithful definitely dropped a few levels today.


  1. letsgoyankees

    I HATE-I mean hate-Youk and Papelbon. I loved when Gardner knocked the smug, arrogant look off Pap’s pompous face last yr. with the walk-off. And Joba-Don’t hit him, but please keep brushing Youk off.

  2. tedshred1@hotmail.com

    As a Yanks fan, most of Schilling’s public comments were annoying and unprofessional (except for “Mystique and Aura”. Even Yankee fans have to laugh at that one!) But as a guy who was trying to bring a World Championship to the Sox for the first time in 86 years you can understand that he was trying to reduce the amount of intimidation the Sox always felt by the Yanks. So all his A-Rod comments, etc. seemed to fire up the Sox and knock the Yanks down a couple pegs in their minds. As far as the HOF goes. You really have to look at what this guy did and the respect his peers had for him ON the field. He brought the first championship to the D-Backs, then the first in 86 yrs to the Sox. Huge accomplishments. As for the respect of his peers goes, Buster Olney played a clip the other night of Game 7 of the ’01 World Series where Jeter gets up and while he’s digging in, he ever so slightly smiles and nods his head to Schilling. Kind of a mutual respect thing. That says a ton about Jeter and how he plays the game but also the amount of respect he had for Schilling.

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