The A-Rod verdict

By Jon Lane
Alex Rodriguez will have arthroscopic hip surgery on Monday and is expected to miss six to nine weeks. According to Peter Abraham, it will be a less invasive procedure, so instead of missing at least four months, the goal is to get the surgery done, rehab, return around late April-early May and have the full repair after the season.

Dr. Marc Philippon will perform the surgery in Vail, Colo., where Rodriguez will remain for several weeks, and stated in a Sunday morning conference call he is 85-90 percent certain A-Rod won’t have a setback this season.

From the sounds of it, Brian Cashman and the Yankees deserve credit for their thorough research and the exploration of every option. In this case A-Rod won’t suddenly break down and the Yankees will have him back much sooner than later. As far as a band-aid, look for Cody Ransom see the bulk of the time at third unless Cashman plucks someone like a Mark Grudzielanek off the scrap heap. The good news is this does not necessitate a major move for a high-priced veteran (Adrian Beltre, Scott Rolen).



    I think its a blessing in disguise. The yanks (and a rod) get away form the whole steroids thing for the first few months of the season. The team will build continuity/chemistry simply because they won’t have to deal with the 24/7 media blitz about a rod and his cousin. To me, thats worth every hr, and rbi A rod would have given us until he comes back.

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