Generation Trey?

By Glenn Giangrande
If I hear the phrase “Generation Trey” one more time, I’m going to explode.
I specifically remember reading an article in which Joel Sherman first coined the phrase and Michael Kay has run with it on Yankees broadcasts ever since. While I understand how it seems like every player has to have a nickname nowadays, it’s inappropriate on a number of levels.
First, there is a chance that a not-so-far-off day will come in which two of the three are not going to be Yankees. Who’s to say that Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy will be long for pinstripes? Both have already come close to being dealt away.

Second, should we really be invoking memories of the Mets’ “Generation K,” Bill Pulsipher, Jason Isringhausen, and Paul Wilson? All three were derailed by injuries and health problems, with Isringhausen being the one who fought back to carve out a very respectable career as a closer.

Third and finally, why must we have names for players who have yet to accomplish very much? I understand Joba Chamberlain was a phenomenon a couple of years ago and seems primed for a distinguished run with the Yankees, but give him and the others a chance to develop before even thinking about hitting them with labels.
Just let the kids stand on their own. 



    Great idea…Let’s forget about generation trey at least until Phil and Ian join Chamberlain at the Major League level.
    If they ever do….


  2. spindoc2002

    Glen, as usual you are right on. Strictly from a financial stand point according to they all earned less than 1 mil combined last year. If this was a game where you earn a pinstripe for every heroic and clutch thing that was accomplished. The trey, would maybe have earned one full pinstripe between them. I know doing a broadcast can feel like filling in a huge blank sheet of paper but ,lets chill on going in and with taking bows.

    Also, last year the Yanks decided to start the season with this trey, and got handed a silver platter of no playoffs for the first time since these guys were in grammar school.

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